Dota 2 – The International 2016

This year’s crème de la crème of gaming tournaments, Dota 2’s The International 2016, is slated to run from Monday August 8th through Saturday August 13th at Seattle’s KeyArena.  The prize pool for the The International is funded primarily through the sales of the accompanying International Compendium; this year’s International Compendium was released Monday May 16th as part of the International Battle Pass.  This new International Battle Pass brings the old features of the International Compendium, such as making predictions and player profiles, and combines it with a series of quests, tasks and achievements to be completed, by the Battle Pass owner, typically in full ranked and unranked matches.  Basically, there is stuff you can do to get items.
*Largest Overall Prize Pools in eSports*

Dota 2 Predictions

The Manila Major is going on now and would be a great indicator of hero trends for making predictions for the Compendium.  The last major was The Shanghai Major, although it was the patch before this most recent large update, some information can be gleaned from it as well.  The Shanghai Major had a Battle Pass available — it is very similar to the International Battle Pass.

Some links for use in making predictions:

Dotabuff data on The Manila Major – Most Picked and Banned
—–Check out the other data they have on the major – Overview
Initial patch 6.87 Pro Trends – Link
Hero Meta Statistics – Link
—–Can view data on Pick & Win Rates, Kills & Gold, Last Hits, etc broken down by either Ranked MMR’s or Skill Brackets.
Shanghai Major Meta: Picks/Bans Statistics – Reddit


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