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······Diablo 3 Season 3······
Basing my season Demon Hunter on these two builds
–ChakraMANIA GR 45+ (Unhallowed Essence Patch 2.2) [link]
–[2.2] Kridershot Unhallowed Essence GR 53+ [link]

Just got my beta key for the Starcraft II Legacy of the Void Closed Beta which started March 31.  [link]
•••6.5GB Download Size

New Kerrigan statue from Sideshow Collectibles [link]

200312-kerrigan-003 200312-kerrigan-006 200312-kerrigan-009

Browser based roguelikes

Trying to find a browser based roguelike or RPG —

Kongregate – tons of games, easy sign up with or without facebook

  • worth checking out
    • Enchanted Cave 2 [link]

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup – [link]


new game – Hatred

HatredNew game recently added to Steam.  It is suppose to be over the top violent, dark indie top down / isometeric shooter ish game built on the Unreal Engine 4.  Isometric on the Unreal 4 engine was enough for me to interested enough to check it out.Hatred_Store

Impressions after ten minutes of gameplay – average at best, nothing new, violence for the sake of violence, $20 is far too much for such a streamlined game





Steam summer sale starts in a few weeks….new bundles everywhere.  Bundle Stars has a new bundle that looks pretty solid for $3.49.  Barbaric Bundle Link




No flying confirmed in Warlords of Draenor – link

Eight highly rated games on steam for $3.99 – link
Monaco, SteamWorld Dig, Kingdom Rush, Giana Sisters are included in this bundle.

Skyforge Closed Beta 4 to begin in June – link

Weekly Humble Bundle

The weekly humble bundle looks decent.  Syberia, Broken Sword 5, Always Sometimes Monsters are 3 of the 7 games you can get for under $5.

Humble Weekly Bundle Adventures 2


Diablo 2 Ladder Reset



The Diablo 2 ladder resets on May 26 2015.

Link to the forums for details: link